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Alrighty folks! We are going to go ahead and go on hiatus we will revisit this project in the future when we have enough resources to pull it off. The decision was hard and I hope you all stay in touch! It has been an absolute pleasure writing for you.

Who should go home? (50 Votes)


Girls, get it together, we need you all to vote or we will have double eliminations or fanvotes! You’re delaying the season and it’s not fair for everyone else!!!  

We’re turning to a fanvote for the rest of the votes! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Closed RP with Pepper and Monica!!

As Pepper approached what he thought was Monica’s apartment building, he forced himself to slow down and think. Walking into a building carrying a knife and covered with blood would probably raise a lot of suspicion from anyone who might be watching the security cameras. Pepper looked at the knife in his hands before sliding it deep into his pocket, hoping that the building wouldn’t have a metal detector. He also decided to just rip off the bottom potion of his shirt up to where Adelia had cut him, and retie it around the new scar as some sort of a belt thing. He smoothed down his hair and tried to quell the anxious look in his eyes before he finally entered the building. Thankfully, no alarms went off as he walked through the lobby and into the elevator. Riding up to Monica’s floor, Pepper pondered what he was going to say to her. She was going to be disappointed, Pepper just knew it. And what if she never wanted to talk to him again?? After all, he’d just stabbed someone. She might not trust him anymore!! Pepper was starting to regret his decision to come over, but he knew it was too late now. The elevator doors slid open with a quiet ‘bing’, and Pepper counted the doors in the dark hallway until he reached what he recalled as being Monica’s apartment. He quickly knocked on the door, hoping she was still awake. “Monica?” He called quietly through the wooden surface in front of him. “It’s me, Pepper.”

Red and Blue - The Lepper make-up

The blue haired girl stepped into the park, breathing in the relaxing night air. After a day out, she was glad to be returning home to her shared apartment with Kaitlyn. It was a few days after season 2 had ended and everything had finally started to calm down. The park was quiet and dark, and she liked it that way. It made her feel like she was the only person left in the world and was soothing in an odd way.

As she neared a lamp post, she slowed, seeing a figure sitting on a bench under it. Someone she had been trying to avoid all season, but finally felt ready to face. “Pepper?” She called out cautiously into the night.

Upon hearing her voice, the boy turned his head, his face lighting up once he realized who it was. He tried to quell his emotions and was soon staring off into space again. She neared the bench and felt the glow of the lamp on her. “Mind if I sit down?”

He gave her a nod, and she sat next to him on the bench. The two looked out into the park for a while, each lost in their own thoughts. She finally spoke, startling him. “How have you been?”

A strange grimace crossed his face like a shadow. He tried to brighten his expression but only managed halfway, his face becoming contorted. “As well as can be expected. How about you? What have you been doing this season?”

Trying not to seem too excited, she shared about how great things had been going for her. “It’s been going pretty well! I’ve had a lot of time to practice sports, which was really nice, and I’ve been shopping too! I was rooming with Kaitlyn and that was lots of fun, and I did some exploring of the city! I even stood near where they were doing some of the challenges for this season and watched! It was nice to just observe for a change.” She laughed, then grew quiet, realizing something. Her adventures had been fun, but they somehow felt incomplete. She struggled to put what she was feeling into words. “As much fun as I had this season, I just felt like something was… missing.”

He gave her a rueful smile. He knew exactly what she meant. “A tennis skirt, a splash of bright blue hair.”

She was almost in tears. “A red shirt, a sharpened sword.”

"A bolt of Lightning."

"A dash of Pepper."

And suddenly they were holding each other close, both crying now, like they were a couple that had been away from each other for far too long, which, in a way, they had. It went without even saying that they wanted to be together again.

As she was hugging him, she felt something odd. Two twin scars on his back, still rough. “What happened?” She asked into his shoulder.

"While you were gone, I finally found my wings." He mumbled back into her, the words gently warming her curly hair.

They stayed that way a while, two angels, one in innocence, the other in bloodshed, bound together by something they couldn’t explain. Deep inside, they knew that this was right.

(Whoop whoop!!! It finally happened!!!! :D I meant to get this typed up yesterday, but… eh! They’re together for now, but stay tuned for more excitement through season 3!!!)

Anonymous asked : Your ask box is closed on TDVG, so I couldn't ask this there, but I was wonder why exactly Yami and Tanya were accepted into the new season when, to the best of my knowledge, two other female characters are currently beating them on the poll? Is there any reason that they were chosen to be accepted?

I closed the poll this morning and if you wait you’d see that other people were being accepted. I can’t draw everything at once. 

Open RP with Pepper!!

Pepper walked briskly down the cold city street. He was out for another night walk to try and build his confidence. It was absolutely terrifying to be out alone, and Pepper had only walked for about 10 minutes before he decided to turn around and head back to the warm safety of his apartment. Ever since Claire had visited him, he had been trying to keep it relatively clean, and he had to admit that a clean environment made everything seem more positive. Pepper hadn’t had any luck finding Adelia yet, and he was starting to get worried. His few weeks were almost up, and he knew that Monica would be forcing him to go to the police really soon. Lost in his thoughts, Pepper didn’t realize where he was headed until the entrance to the alley came into view. He resisted the urge to turn back, and instead took a few steps inside. Pepper examined the blood that was still stained dark red onto the concrete. It was so hard to believe that the whole thing had ever actually happened. It still felt like a dream sometimes, until he would wake up and feel the scars on his back. Trying to calm his quickening breath, Pepper turned around to continue the walk home, until he heard a soft noise.  He froze, muscles tense. Was that really it? The sound he heard in his nightmares, the sound of pink-clad feet gently tapping on the ground. No. It couldn’t be. It couldn’t be her.

((Now, obviously this is intended for the Pepper and Adelia rematch. If anyone else also wants to walk down the street as well though, I’d be down with that!!))

total-drama-superfan asked : Ethan sat in the confessional. "Let's see how things went for me during season 2. I almost killed multiple times. I went crazy twice. My girlfriend broke up with me. And I suffered many minor injuries…and it was awesome. Congrats Ariale and Chris, Dylan, Adelia and all my other enemies, f*ck you!"
Open RP with Pepper!!!!
Pepper gingerly opened his apartment door and stepped outside, turning around to lock it before beginning to walk towards the elevator. Pepper hadn’t had any luck spotting Adelia from his window yet, which was both relieving and annoying. He knew that eventually Monica would force him to go to the police whether he’d found Adelia on his own or not. Even though Pepper wasn’t quite sure what he was actually going to do when he and Adelia crossed paths again, he definitely didn’t want to be seeing her behind bars. Not yet, at least.
Pepper slowed to a stop in front of the elevator doors as a realization about coming into contact with the pink-haired girl hit him. He had Adelia’s phone number! He could have contacted her anytime! Pepper brought his phone out for the first time since Adelia had texted him so long ago and looked at the blank screen. Pepper groaned as he put it directly back in his pocket. Maybe he’d just go outside and look for her first. Stepping into the elevator as the doors opened in front of him, Pepper rode down to the street below.
((This is open to anyone, though it might not be a good idea for Monica to reply until Pepper actually has his rematch with Adelia at the end of the season. :o))
Open RP with Pepper!!!

Pepper was sitting alone in his apartment again. He was still a little tired from his trip to the doctor with Monica last night, but his body had refused to fall asleep for more then a few hours. It was worth it to go to the hospital though, if only to put Monica at ease. After doing a quick blood test, they had determined that Pepper didn’t have an infection. It was too late to get stitches, but the wound was closing on its own anyway. He got sent off with a warning to ‘come in if it starts leaking puss or if you get a sudden fever’, but Pepper didn’t plan on making a return visit. It was hard enough the first time with the comments like ‘Oh my!’ and questions that he didn’t want to answer about where the cuts came from. He’d managed to avoid really saying anything by just looking intimidating and letting Monica do most of the talking. Her plan for him getting off without paying because he was on TDT hadn’t worked out all (not that Pepper had expected it to) and he was apparently going to get a bill sometime in the next 10 days. Pepper honestly thought the whole thing was kind of ridiculous, and he wasn’t planning to pay the money if it ended up being higher than 200 dollars. They hadn’t even really done anything, just a blood test and cleaning/re-bandaging the wounds.
As much as Pepper was dreading it, he knew that he should at least try and get out and about today. Even if it was only a short walk, Pepper knew it would be good to get some fresh air. And even though he’d never admit it to himself, Pepper had been feeling kind of lonely ever since Monica had left him last night. Pepper slipped outside onto the busy city street, some part of himself aching to see someone he knew.

((It’s been a while, eh? ;D As always, I want to RP with old contestants, new contestants, interns, anyone really!!))